Insert maniacal laughter here.

Trust me, I know.  That poor guy.

But yes, it is true.  I’m getting married. 

 A few other updates. 

My name is quite fitting at this point.  I completed my 1st marathon in Philadelphia last November, and have hardly run a consecutive 3 miles since.

Sure, I get on a treadmill 2 or 3 times a week, but that does not a runner make.

It started with a foot injury from training that was exacerbated during the marathon.  I was demanded by my podiatrist to quit running for 2 months.

I never went back.

Sure.  THAT was easy to quit. Smoking?  We’ll torture you for months and make your brain speak crazy-talk, but running?  Yeah, you can quit that—NO PROBLEM.

Thanks brain.  Thanks.

 But I am determined to get back into the swing of things.

And I am getting married, which means I have to wear white.  In a while. 11 months or something.  I should really know this.

 Day One: Project Get Fit(er).

 Success.  Began a P90X regimen along side the future Mr.Unrunner. He too had paused the fitness routine and had been supporting the local take-out facilities.  This is not coincidence. I am pretty sure my laziness and ease to Moo Shu Pork sounded quite convincing.

 But the important part…where was I?


Day one Project Get Fit(er):


20 Min P90X Ab-Ripper Routine.  This video sucks so good.
30 Mins of P90X Chest and Back Routine.  This is half of the full video, which we decided was wise.  When you’re this flabby, it’s not always wise to march out “Guns-a-Blazing.”  Get it?  Guns?  By the way, this video basically consists of alternating Pull ups and Push ups for a while. And if this sounds easy?  You’ve never done it.


Everything healthy 🙂

-Breakfast: Yogurt and Chia seeds.

-Lunch: Frozen dinner (I am ashamed of these, but bought them before I started dieting.  I will eat salads as soon as I run out of them, I promise. I hate wasting food.)

Snack: Whole wheat fancy grain bread with Hummus. I love Hummus.

Dinner: Salmon, salad and a veggie and Quinoa pilaf-esque thing. I made it up.  I get to name it.

 How do I feel? :

Sore.  Bending hurts, breathing hurts, moving my arms hurts and my stomach feels like it’s digesting itself under protest.

 A few more weeks of ramping up and I should be able to wave without cursing. 


Baby steps.  It’ll all be worth it.