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We now rejoin this blog, already in progress…

75 Degrees and endless Sun in sight.  I am loving this weather.

Weather is a weird subject these days. Things seem very volatile with earthquakes and tornadoes causing massive amounts of destruction and death in seemingly safe environments. Snow piled high enough in the Tri-State area to cause concern this winter, and the two weeks of endless rain we recently had were just plain awful. I am hoping we’re past the worst of the transitional weather and can welcome in a period of calm weather patterns for some time.

WTF? Whose blog was that?!?!

So, I just moved into a lovely new apartment in Kingston, NY. I threw out and gave away all my old junk, and am easily falling more and more in love with my new apartment every day. That’s my measure of knowing that I am on a good path, if every minute that I breathe I am happier in a situation. Last night was the first night that I decided not to be unpacking or cleaning or socializing and simply sat down on the couch and ate pizza and watched TV. It was a nice change of pace, to be comfortable doing nothing.

Of course, I did wake up at an ungodly hour to go for a morning 5 mile run, so…I guess it’s a good balance.

It’s probably a good time to put this blog back on track, and go back to talking about un-running. This summer’s running season will be spent training for my Half Marathon in September.  The week of June 27th starts the 12 week training program by my favorite anal retentive running trainer, Hal Higdon.  For now, I am maintaining 15-25 (depends on my schedule) mile weeks, as I have done through the winter, and have added in short biking sessions (3-7 miles), which seems to be helping my knees. I am also taking swimming lessons for cross training (read: Next year’s blogs will be about Triathlon training). But for now, the biking and swimming are just for fun and for weight loss. Oh, right. I will be training again, which means paying attention to optimum weights (which I NEVER achieve, but I am over it) etc.

I do, however, get to eat more carbs ; ) It’s a trade off.

She will be mine...

I’ve decided that my goal for the half will be three-fold. 1) Not to die. 2) To try desperately to have fun. 3) 2 hours, 50 mins. I used Runner’s World’s training calculators to pick a speed that I felt was both challenging and attainable. This will mark the first time that I run a race with a time goal in mind. We’ll see how it goes before I determine if it will be my last!

On a side note, Molly  is ending her long seasons of training and hitting the pavement for her first HIM (Half-Iron Man) on Sunday. This girl has untiring amounts of dedication and drive, though I am not sure that the word untiring should be used at all  when speaking of a Half IM. I get tired just thinking about it. I’m proud of you, Lady! And anxiously await pics of your smile as you cross the finish line ; )

A challenge to all my readers.

I need to teach my blog to write itself.

I am, of course, a follower of other people’s blogs too, so I get it. My apologies to my loyal readers for my silence.  I’ll try to get 2 in this week. I’ll try.

So, running season is in full swing.  Due to my social nature and my vocalization of my running obsession, my FB inbox is full with weekend running events from now ‘til…my half marathon in September.  Yup, you heard me right.  My half marathon in September. I signed up for one. 13.1 miles of running. I’ll cry about it another time. Maybe during. Definitely during. But most importantly, I am saying this because I don’t want you to be sad if I don’t go to your running event.  Just know you are in good company, and I just can’t attend every one, and still have a life outside of running.

But, back to now.  It’s been warm enough to run outside, so I have accomplished two longer runs. Both 7 miles, both on the past two weekends. The first one was very encouraging.  I felt amazing.  Everything clicked, miles 3 to 6 felt unreal, and it was awesome.  I almost felt like a real runner.

A very slow real runner.

The second one was harder, but still encouraging.  I did experience an emotional crash an hour after the run that I can only imagine was a result of the adrenaline I required to do the run.  I was also battling a fever earlier that week so…the jury is out until my 7 ( or 8 ) miles this week as to what the cause of that was, or if I can expect that to happen again. I’ll keep you posted, and will talk about it more if it reoccurs, to hear if it happens to others.

It’s springtime so everyone should feel motivated to get out and pick up a healthy outdoor habit. A new one.  I’ve decided I want to challenge my readers. I don’t care if you are the most active person in the world already. I challenge you to pick up a new hobby this spring, even if it’s just for this spring. Hiking is a good one. Or biking.  For my new hobby,  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a road bike, but they are very pricey. I am worried about spending a ton of dough on a bike, and then not having the skill level to bike with folks. So, if you are a newbie biker and would maybe want to ride with me, tell me, so it motivates me to buy one ; )  If not biking, I am going to pick up swimming.  Yes, you saw that right, I am 31 years old and don’t know how to swim.  I still wear those ridiculous arm band swimmies.  You know, in the bathtub. While I bathe. I drink lots of whiskey.  I might drown one night.

What new outdoor, active healthy hobbies are you going to pick up this spring?



Could I really be obsessing over obsessing?

I have a bit of an obsessive personality.

I like lists.  Tracking.  Knowing. Planning.

I really hate the word dieting.  I think it’s just a psychological side effect of growing up as an overweight teenager. It was an embarrassing buzzword-like, “Something is wrong with you, so you need to fix it.  The solution is Dieting.

As an adult, I enjoy lifestyle choices, which can change at times.  Allow me to explain.

I baseline at a healthy lifestyle.  I run, enjoy healthy food, and participate in all things that emotionally satisfy me.  I eat chocolate cake or steak when doing so makes me happy.  I go to concerts. I read books. I study things I find interesting. I write useless blog entries. I go out to dinners with fun folks.

There are times (such as over the holidays) where I enable myself to indulge in a somewhat unhealthier lifestyle, where I relax on the “harder” things, such as running and food choices and increase the “easier” things, like comfort foods and TV watching.  I don’t think that any of these things are bad for me as long as I am getting a physical or emotional satisfaction out of them.  To me, gaining weight causes dissatisfaction (mostly because it makes my running harder). For that reason it’s an unhealthy choice for me, unless I am doing it knowingly such as the holidays, where I choose to live that way.

I feel that if I referred to my lifestyle as dieting, it would give it a temporary or even negative feel. Or it implies that if I eat a hamburger, I have failed, since the very definition of dieting is To eat and drink according to a regulated system, especially so as to lose weight or control a medical condition[1]. Obviously, a hamburger doesn’t contribute to weight loss, but to me, not eating a hamburger when I really want one would be dissatisfying emotionally, which goes against my lifestyle.

Yes, I understand that this is all semantics. But it still means a lot to me.

In a seemingly innocent conversation over the weekend, I showed the manfriend my  new guilty little secret.  Livestrong.  Most specifically, the MyPlate section on the site.

I now LOVE this website.  I found it about 2 months ago. I don’t think that it is weird that I track every single bite of food that I eat.  I don’t think it’s weird that I log all of my exercise.  I would think it was a bit too obsessive for me if I cried every time I went over in calories (which I do almost every day), or if I didn’t eat a beautiful, wonderful juicy bit of steak that was presented to me because I only had 75 calories left today before I was at 803 calories, which is my personal Calorie intake setting.  I will eat some of that steak.  I will, however, then adjust my next days calories, by planning ahead and buying something that is super-low cal but YUMMY to me, so that I can make up for the previous days steak.  I look at my week totals, vs. my day totals, and just do my best to keep it in the range.  And if I don’t stay in the range, I don’t.  Those were choices I made. I don’t feel it’s obsessive in the least.  Just like the kleptomaniac doesn’t think that walking out on a check is a poor choice.

Sigh. Below is when I learned I was dieting.

Scene: In a Nissan Pathfinder, on our way home from dinner, the same day I showed him the website.

Me: That Mexican Chop Salad from Armadillo was DELICIOUS.

Him: Yes, it is very good.

Me: It really just was what I wanted to eat. Even though I am not dieting, it was what  appealed to me most on the menu .

Manfriend: Heather, you are logging your food. You are dieting.

I had absolutely no response to him, because…he was kinda right, I guess. My obsessive personality has taken my healthy lifestyle to a bit of a more extreme level. What I can’t decide, however, is if it’s an unhealthy extreme.  Yes, I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. But, I won’t turn down a dinner invitation, or a few bites of cake if I want them.  I’m starting to wonder if I need to find a way to let go of my personal stigma of “dieting”.