Ohhhh, it seems so silly to have writers block for a blog.  I talk ALL THE TIME.  I’m annoying. I bather on like a nimrod.  And yet, I sit down to type and….nothing.

But I am hoping I am over that now.  Let’s find out.

I moved to the country.  No, really, the country. I am trying to embrace it by reading Pottery Barn catalogs and looking at the perfect chainsaw bear to purchase.

I have turkey, bear and deer in my yard, all of which seem to have the same goal of not allowing me to plant a vegetable garden.  I think they talked to the man-friend, because he seems to agree with them.

This weekend, I am transforming a dump truck of mulch into…something.  I would like to call it “landscaping” but time will tell.  I have rocks, and plants and ideas. 

I’ll post before and after photos this weekend to try to inspire you to never try this at your own home. 

I’ve also taken to Yoga, as a result of my body falling apart. It’s been helping, so unfortunately I’ve been converted.

On a side note, while I am still running for fun, I am eagerly awaiting the news if I have been accepted into the NYC Marathon this fall.  The lotto pull is April 25th, so I am not training for anything at the moment.  I am taking some down time so that if I am to train for the fall marathon (*gulp*) I’ve given myself some needed time to rest. I ran another half in March, and while it was not as fast as my 1st, it was still very fun.

Yup.  Fun.

Perhaps I am not really an un-runner anymore…